## Using Buzz Object Tables in Antenna

For customers using our Antenna Product (both Hosted and Integrated) customers. A number of Buzz Object lookup tables are included for your ease of querying and joining.

Our raw log tables typically do not contain information about the associated Buzz Objects, instead only containing their referent object IDs. For example, our log files may contain Campaign ID but not Campaign Name. For customers using our S3 log integration this data must be fetched from the Buzz API. For Antenna customers we have handled this step for you. These tables are available for you to query automatically in your Antenna instance.

For example, you could fetch Creative names from logs with a query similar to the following:

Update Cadence and Mutability

Buzz Object Tables are updated approximately once an hour. Therefore they are snapshots of your options approximately an hour ago. Some Buzz Objects are mutable so consider this when running queries on historical data where the objects may have been changed since the logs were emitted.

## Available Tables

As of writing, the current Buzz Object Tables are available for querying in Antenna:

Advertisers Events Bid Modifiers Line Item Flights Line Items Accounts Event Assignments Test Plans Test Groups Segments Campaigns Creatives Creative Line Items FES Segments