I want to update "targeting_template_id" of lineitem.

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Hello, Beeswax Support Team, I face a issue when testing Buzz api. I want to update "targeting_template_id" of lineitem. But I got "LI_TARGETING_TEMPLATE_DIFFERENT_CREATIVE_TYPE" error. I made 'segment' and made 'targeting_template' using only segment. And xcul PUT /rest/line_item {"line_item_id":xxxx, "targeting_template_id":yyyy}. Could you expain about "LI_TARGETING_TEMPLATE_DIFFERENT_CREATIVE_TYPE" and the soulution to solve this error.
Jan 10, 2019

The line_item.line_item_type_id field indicates whether the line is a banner, video, or native.

The targeting_template.strategy_id field indicates what type of strategy is used for targeting.

The error you are seeing indicates that the strategy_id is not compatible with the line item type. Strategy 1 is for banners, 2, is for video, and 4 is for native.

Jan 11, 2019

Thank you.
2 is for native in line item. I could not think thte 2 would be different values.
I modify it and It is working.

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