AdX User Targeting - Age & Gender

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Is it possible to pull & store user demographic information from AdX through the API. I.E. pull age group & gender for each win? Is there any information available other than the short reference in the 'strategy' section of the API documentation. Thanks!
Nov 1, 2017

Age and year of birth are fields in the logs provided. However, there are restrictions on the use of the data present in auction logs since that data belongs to the exchange. I would recommend speaking with one of our sales representatives to walk through this use case.

Nov 1, 2017

Thanks Ari! I will get in touch with our representative. Is there any documentation available other than the short reference to the capability in the bottom of the results format example here:

Nov 1, 2017

No, the reality is that age/gender data passed from exchanges is usually blank or empty and is not reliable in any case so virtually none of our customers use it.

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