Beeswax User Id in OpenRTB Request during Data Augmentation

Posted in General by Trever Shick Wed Mar 15 2017 23:10:55 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·1·Viewed 941 times

The OpenRTB request has a field called BidRequest.User.Ext.UserId that looks like ‘mid.34582634-0D7D-4443-99C2-38F5CC1A7FDC’ and BidRequest.User.Ext.UserIdType like AD_ID. It’s unclear to me if upon cookie-sync we’re going to get back the ‘mid.34582634-0D7D-4443-99C2-38F5CC1A7FDC’ value or some other internal beeswax id for the specific user (ex. 1234). If during cookie sync we get ‘1234’ does this mean that during DataAugmentation we get BidRequest.User.Ext.UserId=1234 and BidRequest.User.Ext.UserIdType of ‘BEESWAX’ (per the proto file)?
Mar 20, 2017

The way to interpret the BidRequest.User.Ext.UserId field is that it will either have a mobile device ID OR a Beeswax cookie ID. If the prefix is mid. then it is a mobile device ID. If the prefix is bito. then it is a Beeswax ID. You do not have to look at the UserIdType field additionally to know the ID type, however you are correct in saying that the UserIDType would be BEESWAX if it were a Beeswax ID with the bito. prefix.

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