Bidding Agent and Augmentor Response Codes

For customers who deploy a Bidding Agent or Augmentor, Beeswax will provide real-time monitoring metrics within the Buzz UI. Below you can find a list of common statuses along with their associated descriptions.




Success. Note: the response could still be malformed, so it's always good to confirm with your Beeswax Solutions Consultant by supplying a human readable bid/augmentor response)


Empty response. Present when a bidding agent/augmentor decides not to augment the response.


Bad Request. Typically means the bidding agent/augmentor endpoint is an invalid URL. If any DNS changes were recently made, please notify your Beeswax representative to force new DNS lookup.


Bad Gateway - Normally due to some issue within customer bidding agent/augmentor (e.g. improper parsing of the bid request).


The number of requests that have encountered a bidding agent/augmentor with no available connections.


Bid/augmentor response latency exceeds max timeout set by Beeswax (default timeout value is 10ms).


Canceled connection attempts by Beeswax. This is generally 1:1 with timeouts; however, if your server is not set up for "Keep connection open" then this will equal the number of timeouts + 200s + 204s


Responses that are ignored by your Beeswax Stinger (bidder) instance, typically due to Beeswax throttling following response latency. Beeswax default throttling rules will drop 80% of traffic when the percentage of timeout responses are greater than 5% over a 5 minute period.

No Eligible Candidate

Indicates the volume of traffic that is not getting passed to a bidding agent because no line item with matching traffic is using that agent's respective custom bidding strategy. When prefixed with "Hexbid", this can always be ignored as “Hexbid” is the Beeswax internal bidding agent.

Traffic Filtered

Indicates how much traffic is being manually filtered from a Bidding Agent. Please contact your Beeswax representative to address this case.

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Bidding Agent and Augmentor Response Codes

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