Advertisers, Campaigns, Line_Items, Creatives

The bulk of activity in Buzz takes place between Campaigns, Line Items and Creatives.


Advertisers are groupings of Campaigns and Creatives.


A Campaign is a grouping of Line Items. It restricts the Line Items in terms of budgets and start and end dates.

Line Items

A Line Item is the workhorse of the Buzz system. It corresponds to a given buying activity, usually defined by a set of targeting criteria. Line Items belong to Campaigns, and the sum of all budgets cannot exceed the Campaign budget.

Line Items must have Creatives assigned before they can be set to Active. Note, multiple Creatives can be assigned to a single Line Item, and a single Creative can be assigned to multiple Line Items.


Creatives are the actual delivered artwork and rendering code for the ad. They are defined by a creative type (e.g. 1=banners) as well as pixel dimensions and other criteria. They are associated with a Creative Templates and, optionally, Creative Rules. For a in-depth description of Buzz Creatives see: Creatives, Creative Assets, Templates, Rules.

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Advertisers, Campaigns, Line_Items, Creatives

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