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Copying targeting to a new line item

Hey there, I see that the line item GET gives back a targeting_expression_id, but this can't be re-used in a new line item. Is there any way to copy the targeting from one line item to another? Carling

What is the API v2.0 requests limit rate?

I want to know the API rate limit for both v0.5 and v2.0 . Also provide the reporting rate limit.Thankyou!!

How can we get timezone and country of the line item and campaign from reporting API?

Which report provides the timezone, city of the campaign and line item where they are serving. Suppose, the campaign is running into EST, USA and line item is running into AEDT timezone, Sydney. Then how we can get this information from API?

API and invoking the services

How to invoke the services for respective API using react and redux, Eg: API name: StudentId, service to invoke is: /customer-servicing-api/get-student-id/health. can anyone give complete code and explanation

Unable to find how to get reporting data by applying custom date range filter

Hello Team, I am not able to find how we can filter reporting API by custom date range. I am trying to implement reporting API 2.0. Following is my API request for your reference: curl -X POST \ https://alphonso.api.beeswax.com/rest/v2/reporting/run-query \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{ "view": "performance_agg", "fields": ["account_id","bid_day","impression","clicks"], "limit": 30000, "filters": { "account_id_filter": "2,5", "bid_day": "last 30 days" }, "result_format": "json", "sorts": ["bid_day ASC"] }' I need to use the bid_day filter with a custom date range for example I want to fetch data from "2021-05-01" to "2021-05-10". I am using the same date range filtering into the 0.5 version by using following syntax: "filter":[{"day_performance":">=2021-05-01&&<=2021-05-10"}] Can you please help me with this?

Create video creative error

Hello I'm trying to create a video creative and I'm getting the error: ``` b'{\n "success": false,\n "message": "creative could not be created",\n "errors": [\n "ERROR: Duration must be set for video creatives"\n ]\n}\n' ``` The request body that I used: ``` {"advertiser_id": 1202, "creative_name": "creative_vsalim_0202", "creative_type": 1, "height": 0, "width": 0, "secure": false, "click_url": "https://www.htmsdf.com", "creative_template_id": 3, "creative_attributes": {"video": {"video_mime": [ "video/mp4"]}}, "creative_content": {"TITLE": "creative_vsalim_0202", "MEDIA_FILES": [ {"VIDEO_MIME": "video/mp4", "BIT_RATE": "600", "API_FRAMEWORK": "", "MEDIA_FILE": "https://extendtv-production-creatives.s3.amazonaws.com/video/creative_vsalim_0202_1967162.mp4", "DURATION": 120} ], "TITLE_ESC": "creative_vsalim_0202"}, "pixels": [],"start_date": "2021-05-19", "end_date": "2021-05-26", "notes": "Created by Zyp. Zyp creative id: 1967162.", "active": true}' ``` Could you please help me to understand what is wrong with the duration field?

Rate Limit using report_queue endpoint

Hello, I am using Beeswax API v0.5 and encountering a 429 error. My app has a sleep of 30 sec between every 2 API calls made to the endpoint /rest/report_queue. As far as I know rate limit was 5 API calls per minute. If this is not the case, can you please let me know the rate limit using v0.5 and also in v2.0. Thank you

Creative _line item association

Hi Team, While assigning creative to the line item through API it showing error field improperly formatted int even though there is no formatting issue

BaaS integration

Hi - I am interested to learn about the BaaS platform. Does it allow a user to specify a list of DSP or SSP to buy media from? What level of reporting is provided in such scenarios and how easy/difficult is it to move budget between the channels? Thanks!

Difference between buzz post segment upload api and post segment update api?

Hi there, I'm working on a project involving uploading new segment. I saw there are two APIs that could be helpful, but the description on the API doc is kind of similar. My question is: isn't post segment update essentially the same as post segment upload, since once a segment is created it never expires, so updating a segment is the same as uploading a new one?