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Create video creative error

I'm trying to create a video creative and I'm getting the error:

b'{\n    "success": false,\n    "message": "creative could not be created",\n    "errors": [\n        "ERROR: Duration must be set for video creatives"\n    ]\n}\n'

The request body that I used:

{"advertiser_id": 1202, "creative_name": "creative_vsalim_0202", "creative_type": 1,  "height": 0, "width": 0, "secure": false, "click_url": "https://www.htmsdf.com", "creative_template_id": 3, "creative_attributes": {"video": {"video_mime": [        "video/mp4"]}}, "creative_content": {"TITLE": "creative_vsalim_0202", "MEDIA_FILES": [    {"VIDEO_MIME": "video/mp4", "BIT_RATE": "600", "API_FRAMEWORK": "",       "MEDIA_FILE": "https://extendtv-production-creatives.s3.amazonaws.com/video/creative_vsalim_0202_1967162.mp4", "DURATION": 120} ], "TITLE_ESC": "creative_vsalim_0202"}, "pixels": [],"start_date": "2021-05-19", "end_date": "2021-05-26", "notes": "Created by Zyp. Zyp creative id: 1967162.", "active": true}'

Could you please help me to understand what is wrong with the duration field?