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Once we upload the tags in Beeswax UI, is that must those tags needs to be approved by Google and Clarity Ads?????? And what will happen if any of the tags has been rejected by Clarity Ads?
May 19, 2016

We scan all tags using ClarityAds ( If ClarityAds returns a warning to us that the creative is violating our policies, the creative is automatically disables and cannot serve. Typical problems we look out for are malware, forced redirects, landing pages that are known for malware or other problems, and auto-played audio.

For Google, there is a requirement that all creatives be pre-registered and approved with them before they can run. If your account is set up to run on Google AdX we will automatically submit your creatives to Google and will only allow them to serve if approved.

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May 19, 2016

Hi Ari... Thank you for the detailed response. While trafficking VAST and VPAID tags in Beeswax, for the past two days it is throwing the below error,

"ClarityAds Error with approval process"

Most of the tags are throwing this error.

Could you please confirm us why it is happening and what will be the impact of this in delivery?

Thanks & Regards,
Deepa Premkumar

May 19, 2016

Contact [email protected] with the details.

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