Google Docs Moved to GitHub

Posted by Ari Paparo 2 months ago

We previously provided several reference documents in publicly-available Google Docs. These have been migrated to Excel files available in Github and the links in the documentation have been updated.


0.5 Reporting APIs Deprecated

Posted by Ari Paparo 2 months ago

The 0.5 APIs for the report_queue is now fully deprecated and should not be used. The new Reporting API should be used by all customers.


Bid Modifier and Delivery Modifier 2.0 APIs

Posted by Ari Paparo 2 months ago

The 2.0 API now supports Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers. The 2.0 APIs are recommended for all customers moving forward.


target_skad Field

Posted by Ari Paparo 4 months ago

The Line Item resources in the 0.5 version of the API now support the target_skad field which limits delivery to inventory that supports Apple's SKAdNetwork reporting.


Bulk Edit Targeting

Posted by Sukai Qin 7 months ago

A new guide page describing how to Bulk Edit Targeting has been published.


Frequency Cap Vendors

Posted by Ari Paparo 8 months ago

Line Item and Campaign definitions have been updated to include the new frequency_cap_vendor field that allows for frequency caps using third-party device graphs from TapAd and LiveRamp. The Frequency Caps guide has also been updated with new frequency_cap_type values. These changes are only in the 0.5 API version.


Multi-Account Reporting

Posted by Ari Paparo 9 months ago

New guide page describing using the Reporting API when in a Multi-Account context: Multi-Account Reporting .


New Users, Authentication, and Change Password APIs

Posted by Ari Paparo 10 months ago

The following 2.0 APIs are now available:


Support CSV and Excel API Responses

Posted by Ari Paparo 11 months ago

The 2.0 API now supports CSV and Excel formatting for responses.


2.0 Segment Lookup Resources

Posted by Ari Paparo 11 months ago

We have added a number of useful resources to the 2.0 API that allow you to query the first- and third-party Data Providers, Segments and Categories. A "third-party" segment is one provided by a Data Provider such as Oracle, Integral Ad Science, or others. A "first-party" segment is one owned by the Account, or shared from another Account in the same instance.